Pokémon Crystal Variation

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Pokémon Crystal Variation is the 3rd and last Generation II core collection ready Video game Child Shade. It was launched as a solitary variation to Pokémon Gold and Silver, which were released one year before. It was launched in Japan on December 14, 2000, in The United States And Canada on July 29, 2001, and in Europe on November 2, 2001.

It included various repairs and some brand-new additions, most notably the intro of the alternative to play as a girl. It happens around Johto like Silver And Gold, with access to Kanto approved later in the game, with the player’s beginning town being New Bark Community.

The Japanese version had much more brand-new attributes, all related to a mobile phone-related connecting technology functional with the Pokémon Mobile System GB when linking a Mobile Video game Young Boy Adapter to a Video Game Kid Shade or Video Game Young boy Advance (original or SP).

The game was released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on January 26, 2018.


The player is phoned call to Professor Elm’s laboratory to run a task. He supplies the gamer with one of 3 Pokémon: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile to help them get to Mr. Pokémon’s home. The gamer satisfies Kanto’s very own Professor Oak throughout the task for Elm. Oak, encouraged that the player has begun their very own Pokémon journey, gives them a Pokédex. On the way back, the player is attacked by a spiteful as well as mysterious Pokémon Trainer. Upon the gamer’s return to New Bark Town, they are informed that a person has actually burglarized Teacher Elm’s laboratory and also has actually swiped a Pokémon, the exact same Pokémon that the Trainer from earlier coped (the Pokémon that the player’s starter is weak against); even more so, that very same Instructor fits the description of the Pokémon burglar. This Trainer will certainly end up being the gamer’s opponent for the program of the game, having a number of conflicts with the gamer as to what it means to be the globe’s best Pokémon Instructor.

Team Rocket has returned with a brand-new attitude, since the loss of their leader Giovanni, and also once again tries to take control of the globe, beginning with the Johto region. They begin with petty things (such as cutting off the tails of Slowpoke to market as food for a high cost) prior to ending up being more devious, such as a plan to utilize radio frequencies to unnaturally generate development in some Pokémon at the Lake of Craze near Mahogany town. When the player beats or captures the Red Gyarados rampaging in the lake, Lance will show up as well as praise the player for their fighting as well as demands that the player help him find the resource of the radio signals. When the gamer returns to Mahogany town as well as goes into the Souvenir Store, they will certainly discover Lance and also his Dragonite threatening the man in the shop. A secret door will certainly open to the Rocket base, which was revealed by a Rocket Grunt to be an old ninja hideout. After the gamer defeats the Rocket Executive located in the hideout, Lance asks the player to help him knock senseless the Electrode powering the device producing the radio waves.

After finishing this job, Lance many thanks the gamer and also provides the HM Whirlpool. After the gamer defeats Pryce – the leader of Mahogany Fitness center – Professor Elm will call the player and tell them about uncommon programs from the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City. When the player reaches Goldenrod City, it is exposed that Team Rocket has actually taken control of the Radio Tower, their intent being to attempt to contact their absent leader, Giovanni, and also encourage him to go back to Team Rocket. Additionally, the Supervisor of the Goldenrod terminal has actually been kidnapped and also replaced by an impostor. After the player beats the impostor, he will tell them the place of the real Director. When the player releases the genuine Supervisor, he will certainly offer the player the Card Key, which opens the door on 3F of the Radio Tower as well as causes the Rocket Executive currently accountable of the group. The gamer beats the exec and also Team Rocket officially disbands for a second time. The Supervisor rewards the gamer with a Clear Bell.

Throughout the journey, the player will certainly likewise stumble upon Suicune, a Legendary pokemon crystal rom that traverses Johto after the gamer stirs up the three Fabulous beasts from their rest at the Melted Tower. Unlike Raikou as well as Entei, Suicune pays attention to the gamer; similarly, Eusine shows interest in Suicune, having sought it for 10 years and also ultimately beholding it thanks to the player. As Eusine tests the gamer to a battle near Cianwood City, it becomes clear that Eusine wants to make Suicune’s respect to ensure that he can figure out what it is that it cares for. Nevertheless, it is when the gamer is handed over with the Clear Bell that the Wise Triad allow them to go into the Tin Tower, where Suicune has actually shown up to put them to the test. Later on in the story, after the gamer has shown their ability to touch the hearts of Pokémon by catching all 3 of the Famous monsters, Ho-Oh go back to the Tin Tower after 150 years of testing human beings from afar.

As in all previous video games, the main objective of the player is to defeat all the Gym Leaders of Johto, win all eight Badges, as well as take on the Elite Four as well as the present Pokémon Organization Champ. Afterward, the gamer will be able to take a trip to the region of Kanto and tackle the Kanto Fitness Center Leaders for their Badges. After winning all 8 Badges, Professor Oak will certainly offer the gamer approval to head to Mt. Silver and face the lead character from Generation I, Red.


The current in the Gold & Silver series!
Travel back to the world of Johto as the Gold & Silver series proceeds with all new features! Whether you read the fresh descriptions in your Pokédex, utilizing the distinct kind function to organize your Pokémon in brand-new methods, viewing the all-new fight animations, or discovering one more means to capture Suicune, you’ll require every one of your Poké-skills to understand Pokémon Crystal on your Game Young Boy Color!

  • Open the enigmas of the Unown! All-new problems and also benefits await you in the Damages of Alph!
  • Hammer out the Fight Tower, a challenging event featuring Johto’s best instructors!
  • For the first time, play as a male or female trainer!
  • Trade with Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, and Yellow versions to capture ’em all!
  • Compatible with Pokémon Arena 2 for the Nintendo 64!

Modifications from Pokémon Gold and Silver

  • Aesthetic changes
  • A women gamer personality, Kris, is presented, marking the very first time players can select the gender of their character. The option is simply visual as well as does not impact gameplay or the story. The player sprite for Kris is blue as opposed to red.
  • When getting in an area, its name is presented on-screen. This attribute is carried forward in all succeeding video games.
  • A number of locations have had their graphics modified:
  • The Bellsprout statues in Sprout Tower are currently beige as opposed to gold.
  • The Goldenrod Game Edge and Celadon Game Edge are both redesigned with a different color scheme and a new layout for the vending machine.
  • The Goldenrod Radio Tower has a discreetly various color scheme, and also the second flooring has been greatly redesigned with the addition of Buena’s studio as well as brand-new furnishings.
  • The pond in National forest now has a fountain in the center, as well as a drinking fountain is added next to the benches in the south of the park.
  • The Melted Tower looks like a noticeably burnt-out structure on the exterior. The interior is now dark and has a different format.
  • The outside of the Shine Lighthouse has actually modified, with a new window design at the top making it a lot more noticeably look like a lighthouse.
  • The Ice Course is upgraded with a bright blue ice-like look. Several of the puzzles within have also been altered.
  • Lance’s space at the Indigo Plateau currently has a draconic look, with the generic statuaries in the area being changed with Dratini statuaries.
  • The restaurants in Olivine City, Celadon City, and Fuchsia City include a new layout with a different color pattern.
  • In the Celadon Manor, there is an Easter egg on the ideal side of the stairs that leads up from the roofing’s entrance/exit. Connecting with this wall produces the message “There’s graffiti on the wall … added a moustache!”
  • Pokémon sprites are now computer animated.
  • Pokémon sprites have actually been upgraded:
  • Front sprites for each Pokémon currently play a short computer animation upon going into fight and a much longer one when the Pokémon’s account is watched. This feature had not been continued once again until Pokémon Emerald green.
  • While the majority of the Pokémon preserve their sprites from either Gold or Silver, particular Pokémon, such as Houndoom and Croconaw, were offered new ones. This includes some Pokémon who had similar sprites in both Silver and gold, like Sneasel and also Suicune.
  • The W Unown was upgraded, and also its brand-new design is made use of in all succeeding video games.
  • A couple of Pokémon, such as Spinarak, Magnemite and also Sneasel, were recolored to much more carefully match their official artwork.
  • Numerous of the Pokémon that were redrawn have various back sprites.
  • Particular Fitness instructors have various dialogue to Gold and Silver.
  • Raikou, Entei, as well as Suicune have their very own distinct fight motif when the gamer encounters them in the wild, making Crystal the very first video game to sport unique Epic Pokémon fight songs.
  • The user interface made use of throughout Game Link Cable trades was redesigned. Silver and gold made use of an easy black on white trading user interface that corresponded the one made use of in the Generation I games, generally to preserve compatibility with older Game Boy systems. In Crystal, the menus were spruced up with complete color on a black history, a style which much better suits the capacities of the Game Young Boy Color.

Location adjustments

  • Turf is currently present on the eastern side of Path 36, west of Violet City. In this grass, Growlithe can be caught, permitting gamers to obtain a Fire-type Pokémon a lot earlier than in other versions (thinking they did pass by Cyndaquil), as well as making a large difference in the availability of Fire-types for locations like the Azalea Health Club and the Sprout Tower, where Fire-types are super effective.
  • Similar to in the Japanese Pokémon Blue and all launches of Pokémon Yellow, changes are made to offered wild Pokémon:
  • A number of Pokémon that were special to either Gold or Silver, like Gligar as well as Skarmory, can be located in Crystal. However particular types that were offered in both variations, like the Mareep household, are not offered in Crystal.
  • Sneasel appears in the Ice Path, whereas in Gold and Silver it can only be found in Mt. Silver.
  • Magmar can no longer be discovered in the Melted Tower, rather appearing solely in Mt. Silver.
  • A few of the wild Pokémon that show up in Kanto have actually been modified.
  • Mass outbreaks can currently only occur with one of 3 Pokémon instead of one of 7. Tauros, Marill as well as Snubbull are now easily offered in the wild, as well as the latter was moved.
  • Some Pokémon that are available in all times of the day in Gold and Silver, like Smeargle or Tauros, are currently totally diurnal or nocturnal.
  • Some fitness instructor positionings in the overworld have been adjusted.
  • A number of brand-new Fitness instructors have been added, some of which can just be fought when particular conditions are fulfilled. For example, Pokéfan Jaime on Path 39 can just be battled during the night. A few of these new trainers will not secure eyes with the player, as well as when talked to won’t play the “encounter” songs prior to participating in fight.
  • The Goldenrod Chain store features a brand-new roof location. Sales are regularly held here, which the player is notified concerning if Camper Todd’s number is registered in the Pokégear.
  • The Flower shop in Goldenrod City has actually been moved a little even more from the main street as well as embellished with flowers, making it attract attention from the bordering buildings.
  • A Battle Tower, the first in the collection, is now existing to the north of Course 40.
  • Cianwood City has been slightly broadened more northwards, with the addition of the Poké Seer’s residence as well as a small ledge.
  • The format of Mt. Mortar is significantly different contrasted to Gold and Silver.
  • The Dragon’s Den has actually obtained numerous alterations: the Dragon Shrine can be gotten in, some Headbutt trees are included straight behind Temple, and also the Den itself is currently occupied with instructors.

Gameplay changes

  • Ho-Oh and Lugia can just be caught after completing the video game and reaching Kanto. They are both at level 60.
  • Ho-Oh can be caught after Raikou, Entei, as well as Suicune are all caught and also Eusine is talked to in Celadon City.
  • Lugia can be captured after getting the Silver Wing in Pewter City, like in Pokémon Gold.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Damages of Alph. This consists of a lot more common Unown, in addition to a new subplot– finishing enough problems enables the player to check out a secret message left behind by the Unown. It suggests that the Unown were left by the ancient world that built the Ruins of Alph, which the sculptures that line the inside were made by those people.
  • Fitness instructors that call the player on the mobile phone now have distinct characters (one discuss buying, one more about brushing and so on), and call for factors other than fighting, such as giving the gamer products, or informing them of an uncommon Pokémon appearing (Wade offers the gamer Berries, Alan provides a Fire Stone, and so on). In Gold and Silver they all say the exact same phrase, with just the names of the Pokémon they reference changing.
  • A new radio program, Buena’s Password, has been added. Players can listen out for a password on their Pokégear radio as well as tell Buena the password to get factors, which can be spent to redeem prizes.
  • The function to reset the clock in non-Japanese and non-Korean variations of Gold and Silver remains, although it is currently more difficult to access.
  • On the title display, the player should first hold the ↓, SELECT, and B switches.
  • While holding SELECT, they have to release ↓ and also B.
  • Still holding SELECT, they should currently hold ← and ↑.
  • Finally, the player should launch SELECT.
  • Kurt can currently make multiple Balls from very same tinted Apricorns at the same time.
  • The Odd Egg can be obtained from the Day-Care Man after speaking with him for the very first time.
  • 15 Pokémon have changed level-up movesets; however, all except Suicune only have a single modification.
  • Some insects with the battle auto mechanics were fixed; however, the game executes a check when it discovers a Link battle to utilize the older and buggy auto mechanics in order to maintain compatibility with Pokémon Silver and gold. This happens even in between connected players of Pokémon Crystal video games.
  • Also, the game additionally performs a check that partly transforms Kris into Ethan at the Cable Television Club and also Time Pill rooms, even if all the gamers utilizing the Cable television Club rooms are particularly playing Pokémon Crystal.
  • A Pokémon’s relationship can be enhanced more effectively by training in the exact same place where the Pokémon has actually been caught or hatched.

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